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The author is hooked to chocolate and guitars.
The author is also hooked to P.G.Wodehouse.
The author likes referring to himself in third person.


I have undertaken large spells of introspection. I have come up with the following : (List is dynamic.)

1) Anything is worth it’s weight in chocolate.

2) Pudding is a funny word.

3) When asked, a malayali doesn’t actually spell pudding ‘P-U-Ding-Ding-I-N-G’.


The Editor :


Kitchi hired me to “edit” his “writing”. He felt that his posts didn’t have enough pizzazz and oomph. He was definitely right about that. I’m attempting to slowly change his ways, or amend, ameliorate, enhance, polish, elevate and generally make less useless his “writing”.

  Wish me luck!

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